The Tower

Verizon is proposing to put a 14-story cell tower in the heart of the Mad River Valley in Warren, Vermont. It will be on a prominent hilltop in the middle of a rural residential district that consists of forest, farms, upland meadows, and scattered residents. Rising 70 feet above the tree line, the proposed tower will be highly visible throughout the Valley and located less than a mile from the Warren Airport.

The tower will create a highly visible eyesore that will adversely affect the aesthetics and natural beauty of the Valley, one of the key elements drawing residents, visitors and business to our region from around the world. There are also potential health effects to nearby residents, environmental impacts on wildlife, and possible safety hazards for planes and gliders at the local airport.

The Verizon proposal lacks transparency and data about what it purports to do — serve the greater public good by fixing gaps in Valley cell service. Importantly, Verizon has not looked at any alternative sites or addressed important community concerns ranging from what the tower will look like aesthetically to potential impacts on human health and wildlife, or possible threats to airport safety. Finally, approval of the Verizon plan will set a bad precedent for other wireless providers to build additional cell towers on our hilltops and ridges.

If you are concerned about this, sign our petition, email or call the Warren Select Board and Planning Commission and attend the Warren Town meetings.

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Our Mission

Work with the community, elected officials and neighbors to prevent the cell tower proposed by Verizon from being built on the Airport Road in Warren without regard to its impact on our community or the unique scenic beauty of our Valley.

  • Educate the community about the potential negative impacts of this proposal as well as how to improve cellular coverage in a responsible manner.
  • Revise and strengthen Warren’s zoning ordinances and town plan to provide better protection and more input into the location, height and configuration of cell towers in our town.
  • Ensure local residents, businesses and town officials have a meaningful voice on these important matters.

Strengthen Warren’s proposed revised Land Use and Development Regulations (LUDRs)

Warren Residents for Responsible Cell Tower Siting and Development, is committed to educating Mad River Valley residents about appropriate development of cell towers and related infrastructure. This includes strengthening Warren’s proposed revised Land Use and Development Regulations (LUDRs) to protect our community. To learn more please click here.

I don’t want Vermont turned into a giant pincushion with 200-foot towers sticking out of every mountain and valley,” declared the state’s Democratic United States Senator, Patrick J. Leahy. ”We’re not asking that Vermont be left out of the telecommunications age. But we Vermonters want to be able to determine where the towers are located.
— Senator Patrick Leahy, NYTimes, March 1998